OSC² University

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OSC² University provides the staff of OSC² member companies access to professional development courses throughout the year. The curriculum includes both soft skills courses, such as Leadership and Organizational Development, as well as technical skills classes, such Excel and Finance for Non-Financial Managers.

Note: all classes beginning in February, 2019 must be paid via credit card at the time of registration.

2019 Winter/Spring Courses

March 20
Effective Meetings (2-Hour Webinar)

It’s a reality – workers spend a large proportion of their working life in meetings. What’s sad is they often consider much of this time to be ineffective and a waste of time. That’s why it’s essential for everyone – especially leaders – to make sure they are having the most effective meetings they can have.

This practical and engaging course covers effective meeting best-practices for leaders as they plan for, conduct, and follow-up on meetings. Participants leave with concrete actions they can implement right away to reduce the number of meetings they have, improve the quality of meetings they do have, and ensure meetings held achieve their intended outcome.

This course is designed with the adult learner in mind. We blend a mix of teaching, large and small group activities, as well as real-work scenarios and application to make this course extremely helpful, relevant, and enjoyable.

Location: Online Webinar
Cost: $80

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May 15
Leading Situationally

Leadership is not a one-size fits all approach. In fact, research indicates that employees need different things from their leader depending on the employee’s level of competence and commitment on a particular task or goal. The problem is that most managers have only one leadership style that they apply to everyone, in every situation.

This training course will help leaders identify the style of leadership they use most often, learn to identify what style of leadership is best for an employee given their current situation, and help the leader understand how to partner with their employees to ensure they are leading situationally for optimal results.

Location: Nutiva, 213 W. Cutting Blvd, Richmond.
Cost: TBD

June 5
Time Management (2-Hour Webinar)

Getting the most out of a 24-hour day is a constant challenge in our busy world: a bottomless inbox, tons of email, millions of meetings. Too much to do and not enough time to do it is a common problem many people face in the workplace. Although we can’t give you more hours in the day, we can teach you how to decide what to do and when to do it.

This high-energy, back-to-basics training program explains the fundamentals of time management: understanding the value of time, using proven ways to get the most out of a day, balancing work and home, eliminating time wasters, conquering procrastination, and more.

Location: Online Webinar
Cost: TBD