OSC² University

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OSC² University provides the staff of OSC² member companies access to professional development courses throughout the year. The curriculum includes both soft skills courses, such as Leadership and Organizational Development, as well as technical skills classes, such Excel and Finance for Non-Financial Managers.

Note: all classes beginning in February, 2019 must be paid via credit card at the time of registration.

2019 Upcoming Courses


Leading Situationally

Leadership is not a one-size fits all approach. In fact, research indicates that employees need different things from their leader depending on the employee’s level of competence and commitment on a particular task or goal. The problem is that most managers have only one leadership style that they apply to everyone, in every situation.

This training course will help leaders identify the style of leadership they use most often, learn to identify what style of leadership is best for an employee given their current situation, and help the leader understand how to partner with their employees to ensure they are leading situationally for optimal results.

Location: Nutiva, 213 W. Cutting Blvd, Richmond.
Cost: $350 + fees

June 5
Time Management (2-Hour Webinar)

Tired of not having enough time in your day to get everything done?  

Fact is, we all have the same 24 hours in our day.  Yet some people are able to manage their time and achieve their goals.  How is that- what are they doing differently?
This matter-of-fact course, filled with best-practice tips, will help you look at your current time management practices and identify places where you can have influence over how you’re using your time. You’ll leave this course with practical actions you can implement immediately to begin having time for all that’s important.

Location: Online Webinar
Cost: $75 + fees

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September 11
Mindful Leadership

Merging today’s realities with content focused on essential leadership competencies, participants will leave empowered to make a difference in the organizations where they lead and in the lives of those they impact. Participants will uncover their personal brand identity and how this fits into their organization’s purpose and values. 

Session to Include:

  • Best practices in employee engagement strategy

  • Baseline EQ assessment

  • Strategies on building leadership presence

  • Developing role awareness

  • Inspiring trust and courage

  • Imperatives for successfully working across functions

Location: Nutiva, 213 W. Cutting Blvd, Richmond.
Cost: $380 + fees

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