Charles Thieriot

Owner/GM, Llano Seco



I run Llano Seco Meats, Heirloom Beans and Ancient Grains. We produce, process and purvey USDA approved fresh and cooked GAP certified natural pork, pasture-raised beef, heirloom beans, and ancient grains. We also grow over 90% of our animals’ feed. My job is to define where the line is between wilderness and domesticity that will allow the animals to express their genetic proclivities while giving them the man-made comforts that provide the least stressful environment.

The meat, grains and legumes we produce go to market from our ranch to butchers, retailers, chefs, farmer’s markets, CSAs and through our website. All the pork, beef and grains sold under our brand come from Rancho Llano Seco, which is 30 minutes south of Chico, CA.

Our products arrive to the customer faster than our competitors, the animals are more humanely treated and we do this with the smallest carbon footprint. Our meat is widely prized for its taste and texture. This is done at great cost and my job is to communicate the great value of our product to potential customers.

Many people try to extend shelf life, we speed up delivery and shorten the supply chain. My job is to create a steady supply from natural production methods. Over 90% of our feed is grown without irrigation and our animals are raised without confinement or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

Our model at Llano Seco works towards having agricultural, residential and sanctuary land be productive in concert, instead of in spite of each other. We strive to find abundance through innovation and marketing for the benefit of all three.

My family has a deep history in agriculture and animal husbandry both in California and Argentina from which I am ever drawing inspiration.

Specialities: My expertise is mainly in marketing, sales, strategic planning, management, lead generation and customer service… but I’m starting to get really good at raising pigs as well!