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In pursuit of compostable flexible packaging

One of the Packaging Collaborative’s key initiatives is to secure a highly functioning and compostable solution for our heat- sealable/flexible overwrap and pouch applications. This is an Achilles heel in the industry since many of the most sustainably minded companies in the world do not have an environmentally friendly, non-GMO option when it comes to flexible packages.

We believe that the best way to address this significant challenge is to open source our work. Nearly every company is trying to accomplish a similar goal, and by working together, we have the chance to drive an industry shift toward a planet-friendly approach.

Since our first Packaging Collaborative meeting at Expo West 2013, we have continued to make progress on compostable packaging solutions and believe the best way to drive this critically important sustainability initiative is to create an open, collaborative environment. To date we have:

  • Created Industry movement of leading brands toward advancing compostable packaging
  • Fostered key partnerships across the compostable package supply chain: Associated Labels, Elk Design, Futumura, BioBag, Novamont, etc.
  • Developed & tested 4 compostable pouch versions with 18+ ingredients
  • Presented certifications guidelines for compostable structures
  • Line-tested overwrap applications and optimized structure for triplex teabags
  • Advanced Compostable Packaging Advisory Board
  • Assisted Launch of Gone4Good (Alter Eco) & Leaf No Trace (Numi Tea) campaigns
  • Flexible Packaging Comparative study for climate and end of Life

Our efforts in 2020 will focus on 1. expanding the program by engaging new brands and packaging materials, 2. testing & learning through exploration of emergent materials and their end of life impact, and 3. launching the Redefining Flexible Films Innovation Series.

For more information or to get involved please contact Lara Dickinson ([email protected]). Annual fees (for new members) to participate range from $2,250 to $4,500 depending on your company’s size. 

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Download an overview of the OSC2 Packaging Collaborative by clicking on the logo to learn more about the Compostable Packaging Collaborative, including how to become a participating member.




RCD and OSC2 are proud to announce the launch of Redefining Flexible Films, an industry-wide innovation workshop. This spring we brought together industry experts from across the CPG value chain to collaborate and generate new ideas to help us eliminate plastic pollution and move us closer to a zero-waste world.

Screenshot 2020-01-30 08.08.41

​​​​​​​​​The innovation series kicked off in the Spring of 2020, and it consisted of three 90-min webinars and collaboration on an online innovation platform. The workshop portion is now completed, and our participants worked together to identify key barriers to compostable packaging development and have launched 6 month projects in the areas of Research & Development, Policy, Stakeholder Education, and more. We’ll be providing an update at the end of this incubation period, with a plan to share resources and tools to help the industry scale sustainable packaging solutions. Stay tuned for more! [read more]

Contact [email protected] with questions.

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