Timothy Childs

Co-Founder and CEO of Treasure8

Timothy Childs is a parallel entrepreneur, super­taster and award­winning innovator whose personal approach to creative disruption champions the deployment of new systems to update archaic industries.

A pioneer in the food+technology space, Timothy is co­founder and CEO of Treasure8, a San Francisco­based food innovation and technology company on a mission to solve the nutritional challenges and environmental stresses of a growing global population. Timothy and his team develop, patent and deploy game­changing, delicious food ingredients, processes and products that are healthier for people and the planet with a keen focus on creating nutritionally dense foods from agricultural and food production remnants.

In 2006, Timothy founded TCHO Chocolate in San Francisco and was the driving and creative force behind the company’s vision and strategy and including TCHO’s flavor­driven approach to chocolate making and TCHOSource, an innovative project to improve farmers’ livelihoods and generate prosperity throughout the cocoa value chain. Working in partnership with USAID, TCHOSource has become a model for sustainably focused programs in South America and beyond.

Timothy is a participant in the Google Innovation Lab for Food Experiences, a global collaborative network for leading thinkers and doers in the food space who apply their knowledge and passion towards imagining and shaping the future of food. He also is the founder of World Headquarters, a 73,000 ­square­ foot curated design, art and food innovation lab on Treasure Island and home of Treasure8 and the Future Food Center.

Before he brought his Silicon Valley start­up mentality to the food industry, Timothy founded a company that developed machine­vision systems for NASA’s Space Shuttle program. His background in technology is deeply rooted in the pre­web internet and early real­time computer graphics fields. Timothy was directly involved in many early stage internet/computer graphics and virtual reality companies, and co­founded the non­profit, community­building organizations VeRGe (Virtual Reality Education Foundation in 1991) and the infamous Web3D RoundUP. He continues to embrace advanced visualization tools in all his businesses.

Timothy is a founding member of the board of Illuminate the Arts—presenting organization of The Bay Lights—and a founding member of other advisory boards, such as OSC2. He is an internationally sought­after speaker and has been featured in hundreds of print, broadcast and online stories by major media outlets, including The Economist, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wired, Time and NPR