Michael Anzalone

OSC² Program Director

Michael Anzalone brings nearly 15 years of experience developing and leading mission-driven social enterprise.  Over the past three years, Michael lead the development of a number of key programs for OSC². These include the OSC² Rising Star CEO group,  the OSC² Working Groups, the Natural Products University, the Future of Food speaker series, and OSC²’s annual Community Gathering at Expo West (now in its fifth year).

Previously, Michael served as Managing Director at Mission Hub. While there he created the social change accelerator, From the Ground Up, which brought together multi-stakeholder organizations working in sustainable food and agriculture to collaborate on joint initiatives.  The program combined dynamic working groups, public-facing education programs, and community building events with innovative online networks to foster awareness and growth while amplifying the work of leading experts and organizations. Four key focus areas were explored: Equitable Trade, Ocean Health, Local Food Systems, and Regenerative Agriculture.

Michael also served as the Managing Director of the David Brower Center,  a progressive environmental hub located in Berkeley. The 50,ooo square foot  LEED-platinum building is a home for the modern environmental movement, housing over 30 leading activist organizations.  The center also serves a vital resource for the larger environmental and social action community to convene, inspire, and sustain people committed to progress.

In addition to OSC², Michael provides contract project management, strategic planning,  and implementation services for companies in the natural products and social innovation space.

Contact: [email protected]