Lara Jackle Dickinson

Lara headshotMarketing and Sales Executive Helping Natural Products companies grow profitably and sustainably

Lara has nearly twenty years of consumer packaged goods marketing, sales, and general management experience with an emphasis on bringing healthy product innovations to the natural and mass market. For the past five years, she has provided strategic sales, marketing and leadership consulting to consumer goods companies, including Numi Organic Tea, Alter Eco Foods, Jamba Juice, House Foods America and Japan, Mighty Leaf Tea, Gardein Protein, and Balance Bar, Nestle’s Purina, Estancia Beef, and Boppy. In this capacity she started OSC².

Prior to consulting, She served as VP of Sales and Marketing at Numi Organic Tea, CMO of Brand New Brands, CEO of LightFull Foods, and VP marketing at Balance Bar (during the time the company grew ten-fold in 4 years and went public). She started out her career in consumer products marketing as a product manager at Reckitt Benkiser. Lara earned an MBA from Cornell and completed graduate work at Oxford. She has an undergraduate degree in Finance from USC.


Lara helps natural products companies grow profitably and sustainably. She provides executive level marketing and sales support to some of the leading companies in the industry. She typically comes in at an operator level and works closely with the team to develop a whole new plan or to take on a specific project. Lara works with $5 million to $95 million companies. Most passion driven companies, entrepreneurial companies need CMO Level work, but not necessarily every day. Lara has found there is often a better and more economical relationship when companies contract out CMO level work; provided that the CMO works closely with the team.

Her services include:

  • Rapid marketing planning
  • Long term strategic planning
  • Consumer and market insights gathering based on scanner data, and primary and secondary research
  • Product launch work, particularly focused on building a specialty market following that translates to mass market sales longer term
  • Sales Channel Strategy, including broker and distributor partnership building
  • Geoblitz marketing- tried and true strategy for building passion brands by creating an integrated market blitz programs in leading geographies
  • Advocacy building – identify best consumers and develop powerful user generated content and testimonials
  • Integrated Public Relations programs- building an incredibly efficient public relations plan in partnership by fully
  • integrating it with specific marketing campaign initiatives
  • Social media planning and content building
  • Online sales development, particularly focused on webstores,, and
  • Day to Day marketing management

Clients include:

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