Ned Fussell

CoFounder & CEO, CannaCraft

Ned Fussell is a cannabis entrepreneur and farmer responsible for building some of the sector’s most premium and trusted brands. He got his start in agriculture side of the business and over 10+ years has created one of the largest integrated cannabis operations in the US.

In 2014, this cultivation expertise led him to Co-Found CannaCraft along with fellow entrepreneur Dennis Hunter. CannaCraft has emerged as one of the most trusted manufacturers of leading brands such as Care by Design™, ABX™ and Satori™.  Ned has also founded or co-founded Kindhouse Distribution, Sonoma Lab Works, Project CBD, Emerald Pharms, SomaRosa Farms and many other respected organizations.

With a partnership mentality and a passion for strategic alliances, Ned and team are working to build category-defining cannabis and hemp partnerships. Most recently, alongside Lagunitas & Heineken, his team at CannaCraft have launched the Hi-Fi Hops brand of IPA-inspired cannabis beverage.

Philanthropy and creating triple bottom line impact is at the core of Ned’s work. Collectively, Ned’s businesses employ over 400 people. He is also an active philanthropist, is helping to develop industry-wide standards for cannabis and hemp, and contributes to many causes in the cannabis sector and beyond. Ned and and his team’s work has been featured in National Geographic, The Economist, New York Times and many other leading media outlets and has received awards from High Times and The Emerald Cup.