Frederick Schilling

Frederick Schilling Headshot

Cofounder & CEO Klersun

Frederick Schilling has been an intrepid entrepreneur in the natural foods industry for 20 years.  As a self-proclaimed instigator-entrepreneur, he has founded 4 industry-influencing enterprises in his career and has been the subject of many provocative media publications, including an award-winning article in the New Yorker by New York Times best selling author, Bill Buford.

In 2001, Frederick founded Dagoba Organic Chocolate, the first chocolate brand in the United States that not only rooted the triple bottom line principles of Planet-People-Profit to that industry, but also opened the door to using chocolate as a canvas for embracing exotic flavors and promoting single origin chocolate, giving rise to the chocolate industry as we know it today.

After selling Dagoba Organic Chocolate to the Hershey Company in 2006, Frederick then went on to co-found three more influential global companies in the organic market.

In 2008, Frederick teamed up with Diego Badaró, a 3rd generation cacao farmer, to start AMMA Chocolate, a vertically integrated chocolate company with operations in Bahia, Brazil.  The mission of AMMA is to use cacao as a catalyst for rainforest preservation and restoration.  Today, AMMA is regarded as Brazil’s premiere chocolate brand, recognized for its contribution to the country’s environmental and social efforts and for its quality.

Frederick also co-founded Big Tree Farms in 2008; based on Bali, Indonesia, with his business partner Ben Ripple.  BTF is now Indonesia’s largest organic food company, operating the largest organic coconut supply chain in SE Asia with over 10,000 small holder farmers.  BTF is the global pioneer of coconut blossom nectar-based sweeteners, the fastest growing alternative organic sweetener and coconut aminos.  BTF also built, which at that time in 2011, was the world’s largest Bamboo structure.

In 2015 Frederick co-founded Medisun Farms, a hemp cultivation enterprise with a focus on growing organic feminized hemp for the production and extraction of CBD and other valuable cannabinoids.  In 2018, Medisun Farms and Kler Solutions merged to create Klersun.  Today Frederick is CEO of Klersun, which has become a major ingredient solution provider in the emerging hemp-cannabinoid industry.