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Compostable Packaging Coalition 2015 Internship

OSC2 is a collaboration of sustainable product founders and leaders committed to making a positive impact on our industry, people, and environment. Members include Numi Organic Tea, Alter Eco Foods, Cal Olive Ranch, Guayaki, Nutiva, Happy Family, 18 Rabbits, Big Tree Farms, and many others.

Mission:  Address the toughest sustainability problems facing our industry and our planet by building new regenerative business models and agricultural systems

The Compostable Packaging Coalition is our biggest initiative and is sponsored and supported by over 20 brands and partners.…

OSC2, Whole Foods and the Lexicon of Sustainability featured at SXSW Eco!

OSC2, Whole Foods Market and the Lexicon of Sustainability hosted a panel at Supply Side on Oct . 7 to a full house of attendees.  It is clear we are ready for new ways of thinking and new solutions on packaging.

Can Mission-Based Companies Change Big Industry?
Tuesday, October 7, 2014 @ SXSW Eco

Featured panelist:

700047  Ahmed Rahim / Numi Tea – Co-founder & CEO
700046  Errol Schweizer / Whole Foods Market – Exec Global Coord
706546  Lara Dickinson / OSC2 – Consultant
701867  Laura Howard-Gayeton  / The Lexicon of Sustainability – Exec Dir
700048  Mathieu Senard / Alter Eco – CEO & Co-founder

Consumers are becoming more aware of where their food comes from, and the impact of their food purchases.

What’s New at 2014 Natural Products Expo West

The 34th annual Natural Products Expo drew a record crowd of over 67,000 attendees and first time exhibitors. This convention was crazy big and reminded me of the newly fashionable Steampunk, a movement of creativity and imagination with a backdrop of ancient foods and ingredients all reimagined for modern times.
Here’s a recap of the key trends and products.

What’s Happening at ExpoWest 2014.01

The National Gardening Association (NGA) Special Report: Garden to Table: A 5-Year Look at Food Gardening in America

The National Gardening Association (NGA) released a special report, Garden to Table:  A 5-Year Look at Food Gardening in America.  In this article the NGA examines the trends and analyzed the data around food gardening.  There is a food revolution taking place in America!  Countless communities, schools and families are growing more of their own food.