Panelists:  Lara Dickinscon (moderator), Sheryl O'Loughlin, Ahmed Rahim, Chris Mann

Scaling with Authenticity – Intimate Perspective from 3 Mission-Driven Food CEOs Who Have Done It

Last week, I led a panel on a topic that matters to a lot of people: entrepreneurs, investors, consumers and big CPG leaders.

Scaling with Authenticity PanelWe talked about scaling a company while maintaining a mission-driven DNA and rich culture. We call it “passion” for short. The challenge, that I have observed, is that there is a real tension between passion and process.

So we gathered three inspiring entrepreneurial CEOs who have each had an experience with scaling their companies successfully.…

scaling event cover

What the Most Iconic, Mission Driven Food Brands Have in Common

Many of us already know the answer! Thanks to relationships with Numi, Guayaki, Rebbl and other members, we’ve seen firsthand the commitment to their values and passions while having the courage to change as they grow.

OSC2 is partnering with SOCAP on a panel event that will share simultaneous challenges and opportunities, and what role like­minded investors play in scaling impact.…

Member Alter Eco Receives NBJ Stewardship Award for Full-Circle Sustainability

More congrats are in order for Alter Eco… following its Expo West Nexty Award, the company has been honored by the Nutrition Business Journal this week with its Stewardship Award.

The article mentions the role OSC2 has made in the collaboration and partnership toward addressing what I constantly refer to as the “Achilles Hell of the packaging industry” and it also educates the reader regarding the importance and challenges in addressing packaging.…

Expo West Wrap Up

What a weekend! The rebirth of the Natural Foods industry is here—bigger and actually better—the innovation is back!

pantsOverall comments: Wow—what vibrance and innovation this year at Expo West. I had less time than usual to really see, taste and walk the show, but it was clear that our innovative spirit is in such full force! The intersection of sustainability and tasty super foods has created a whole new way of thinking and eating and it showed up in full force. …


More Details on “Time to Lead on Climate” Panel

The excitement is building as we busily prepare for Expo West, now just 2 weeks away. Our focus this year is around climate change, a topic that is front and center in the wake of the recent COP21 Global Climate summit in Paris. The universal “we” have made major progress in building awareness and actions among countries, companies and communities; it is now indisputable that we need to take dramatic action to address the health of Mother Earth and I know natural foods companies can—and will—rise to the challenge.…


Climate Change Will Be Our Focus at Expo West

We’re just 2 weeks away from our annual journey to Expo West, the signature event for the natural foods industry, and I wanted to share 3 events we’re collaborating on; our focus this year is around climate change.

The first panel is “Packaging Imperatives: where we are and where we need to go” in the ‘stewardship’ track. On Friday, March 11 at 12:30 p.m.…

Compostable Packaging Updates from OSC2 Brand Leaders, Numi Tea and Alter Eco

We are proud to share non confidential highlights of our  Brand Packaging Leader updates at Numi Tea and Alter Eco related to our packaging coalition. This community of action based leaders has compelled great progress toward improved food packaging.  They have each been working very hard over the past year on continuing to advance compostable pouches in their own organizations and share these learnings.…